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Helping Children Dream

Helping Children Dream

Roy Maas Youth Alternatives (RMYA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency providing comprehensive residential care and counseling services to children needing a safe place to live. Words such as abandoned, forgotten, throwaway, abused, neglected, runaway, exploited, trafficked, and violated describe the children served. While they have been deeply harmed, at RMYA they find protection, healing, and transformation. RMYA teaches children to dream again! 

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What can you give up to save a child?

A cup of coffee? A movie ticket? A shopping trip?

sEE hOW RMYA Reignites a Child's Dream...

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You can truly make a difference by sponsoring an RMYA child today. Most of the children come to RMYA from severely abusive homes, and need comprehensive treatment to help them heal.

Your monthly sponsorship will go directly to a child’s care providing:

RMYA has hundreds of children that need your support…who need a person to give a monthly donation and a kind thought to help reignite their dreams.

Sponsor-A-Child donations are matched up to $4,000 each month!

Our Valued Supporters!